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Karl Redmond - Barretstown

Karl Redmond:

Barretstown Volunteer

2nd year student: International Relations DCU

"As a volunteer, you will have a direct, positive and meaningful impact on the lives of the campers. Being surrounded by so many wonderful and inspirational children and familes, I believe that volunteering at Barretsown is just as life-changing for you.Personally, I have been volunteering there for almost five years, and I cannot really put into words the positive affect it has had on my life. Whether it has been providing me with a sense of empathy that has allowed me to deal with any difficult situation in my own life, or simply giving me the chance to just kick back and have a lot of fun, You might get your face painted by a six-year old, or have to dance in a dress because a ten-year-old hit a bullseye in Archery, but at the expense of looking silly, you get a chance to repair a child's confidence that may have been hampered throught prolonged medical treatment.

I would wholeheartedly recommend volunteering at Barretstown, you only have to donate your time and enthusiasm, and what you get out of it is the knowledge that, in a short space of time, you will have positively affected the lives of children living with serious illness."