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Financial Assistance Service

Remission Applications for 2016/2017 are now closed

Remission of Fees Scheme

In cases of hardship on the part of students liable for fees, the University will consider remitting or waiving course fees. Students should fill out the following application form and submit all relevant documentation by September 25th 2016 for remission in the academic year 2016/2017. Late applications cannot be considered.

The Application form for the Remission of Fees can be downloaded here.

Please note that remission of fees is not normally granted to students in their First Year of study or to postgraduate students.

Fee Waivers on Medical Grounds

The following fees apply to students who are deferring/repeating on medical grounds and returning to the same programme* the following year:

  1. Students who defer a full academic year on medical grounds will be required to pay the full Registration Fee upon returning to the University**.
  2. Students who defer a semester on medical grounds will be required to pay half of the Registration Fee.
  3. Students repeating a semester on medical grounds will be asked to pay €55 per credit plus the relevant Student Levy. If they wish to appeal these repeat fees, they should fill out the Medical Waiver Form.


*Students intending to return to a new programme of study will be charged the full published fee.
**Students who defer an academic year prior to the cut-off date at the end of October will not be charged a further Registration Fee upon returning to the University the following year. Any difference in the Registration Fee will, however, be charged back to the student.

Upon returning to the college, students will be asked to provide a letter from their consultant/GP stating that they are fit to return to study. Students may appeal the payment of the above-mentioned fees by filling out and submitting the form below. Each case will be examined individually.

For further information please the Student Advice Centre at 7007165 or mail student.support@dcu.ie

Reduced Fees for Transfer Students

Only applicable to First Year DCU students transferring within DCU or via the CAO. Application form available here.