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Financial Survival in University

The costs of college often come as a shock to students and parents alike. Being a student is supposed to be a full-time job, but is without the benefits of a pay packet. Even though your current study is an investment towards future higher earnings, it doesn't pay the bills right now. Not every student can ask their parents to support them and not every student receives a grant.

Costs of Attending University 2014/2015

The figures are based on a 32 week academic year, (8 months) but bear in mind the additional costs of:

  1. Travelling & staying over to search for accommodation prior to college commencing
  2. Staying longer to complete exams or assignments
Monthly Cost of Living Away from HomeEuro €
Books/Printing/Photocopying €25
Accommodation €350 Single       €450 Double
Light/Heat/Power/Bins €62
Food €200 (on and off campus)
Internet/Phone €30
Clothes, laundry, etc… €30
Local Travel €91.50 (30 Day Bus)
Extra-curricular activities, other travel, miscellaneous €120
Total €908.50-€1,008.50 per month
  €7,268-€8,068 for 8 months

Therefore the living expenses of a student living away from home in self-catering shared accommodation for the eight-month academic year will be around €8,000 (plus student registration charge of €2,288 approx in the case of non-grant-holders). The only real saving for a student who lives and home and commutes to college are the rental costs.

Euro €

Monthly Cost of Living At HomeEuro €
Books/Printing/Photocopying €25
Phone €30
Food on Campus €140 (Av. €7.00 per day)
Travel (monthly commuter tickets) €91.50 (30 Day Bus)
Extra-curricular activities, clothes, other travel, miscellaneous €120
Total €406.50-€413 per month
  €3,252-€3,304 for 8 months
  • €2,538 (2013/2014 Academic Year)
  • Food has become more competitive in price, so it is good to shop around.
  • There is increased competition in the Electricity and Gas market  – Shop around for the best deal
  • Clothes and social varies from student to student
  • A great new website called is very practical in helping students budget for the academic year.