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Law Research Centre

Research Students


Recently Graduated PhD candidates:

  • Dr. Jennifer Brown: “The Legal Powers to Detain the Mentally Ill in Ireland: Medicalism or Legalism?” (2015)

Supervisor: Dr. Adam McAuley


  • Dr. Darren McStravick: “The Irish Restorative Reparation Panel and the Search for Community: Idealised Rhetoric or Practical Reality?”(2015)

Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Daly

External Examiner: Prof. Jonathan Doak (Durham)


  • Dr. John Quinn: “The Corporate Objective: Reinterpreting Director’s Duties” (2016)

Supervisor: Dr. Brenda Daly and Dr. Noel McGrath (UCD)

External Examiner: Prof: Andrew Keay, University of Leeds


Current PhD and Research LLM candidates:

  • Catherine Connolly: "Exceptionalism, Targeted Killing and Kriegsraison"

Supervisors: James Gallen and Ken McDonagh


  • Clare Craven-Barry: "Is the current exercise of the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court compatible with and capable of vindicating children's rights?"

Supervisors: Brenda Daly and Adam McAuley


  • Donna McNamara: “Identifying Obstacles in the Criminal Process for Suspects with Cognitive Disabilities in Light of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”

Supervisors: Yvonne Daly and Aisling de Paor


  • Gearóidín McEvoy: "Regional or Minority Language Rights in Human Rights Law"

Supervisors: Vicky Conway and Tanya Ní Mhuirthile


  • James Forbes: "The Social Model of Disability and Republican Theory of Non- Domination."

Supervisors: AIsling de Paor and Tom Hickey


  • Jolene McElhinney (Part-time): “Open Disclosure – Justice Behind Closed Doors?”

Supervisor: Brenda Daly


  • Jonathan Arlow: “The libertarian Account of Freedom and the Extent of its Iinfluence on Right-Wing Political Parties in Europe

Supervisors: Tom Hickey and Eoin O’Malley


  • Lorraine Boran: "Neuroscientific Expert Evidence in the Irish Courts: Comparative Empirical and Theoretical Analyses of the use of Neuroscience in Civil and Criminal Trials"

Supervisor: Yvonne Daly.     Find out more about Lorraine's work here.


  • Maria McDonald: “Sentencing for Sexual Violence in International Law”

Supervisor: Yvonne Daly


  • Mariat Imaeva, "Deferring Human Rights? Humanitarian Exhumations and Enforced Disappearances"

Supervisors: James Gallen and Walt Kilroy


  • Virginia Novaes Procopio de Araujo: “The Legal Protection for Social Egg Freezing in Europe”

Supervisors: Brenda Daly and Aisling de Paor


Graduated Research LLM Students:


  • Arthur Griffin: "Could Ireland opting in to the European Investigation Order have a detrimental effect on fair trials and fundamental rights protections in Ireland?" (2016)

 Supervisor: Dr Yvonne Daly

  • Elizabeth Ivana Yuko: “Theories, practices and promises: human trafficking laws and policies in destination states of the Council of Europe.” (2009)

Supervisor: Dr. Adam McAuley