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Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC)

The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) is based in Galway . It is an application centre that provides the facility for applicants to apply online for Postgraduate taught and research programmes at DCU. There are currently approximately 100 taught and over 90 research DCU courses available through PAC.

Applicants apply for DCU postgraduate courses online at . Applicants can apply for up to three taught programmes or one research programme when making an application to DCU on PAC. Programmes should be selected in order of preference as sequential processing and assessment of programmes mean that if an applicant is offered their first choice no further assessment of the other programmes is made. The cost of applying is €50 and is a non-refundable fee payable to PAC.

You can upload documentation relevant to your application through your PAC account, alternatively documentation can be posted to PAC at the following address:-

Postgraduate Application Centre
1 Courthouse Square

On receipt of the application fee, your application will be avaiable to view on the PAC system. Applicants are notified by email as each step of the review route is progressed. It is therefore, imperative that applicants have a secure email account and review it regularly for updates, as no other means of communication between DCU and prospective applicants will be used.

To assist in each stage of the application process web links are provided both on the PAC system and here on our webpage.  They provide relevant information from the initial stage of making an application to accepting an offer online. Applicants also have the facility to pay the initial deposit online on accepting and subsequent fees.

Closing Dates for Applications

EU and Non-EU applications to full-time and part-time postgraduate taught programmes should note that each programme has an initial date indicating when applications should be submitted. Applications may be reviewed before or after the submission date. While initial submission dates are set for all programmes, a faculty may extend these submission dates. Also, some programmes are offered on a modular or web basis so that applications can be taken any time. Please note that all Postgraduate programmes offered through PAC have entry requirements. In addition to qualifications some require additional information and applicants are asked to familiarise themselves with their progrramme(s) of choice before making an application. For details on the current submission dates applicable to postgraduate taught programmes, click on the following link

Specific Non-EU Qualifications

Postgradute Research Applications

In making an EU or Non-EU application to full-time or part-time postgraduate research programmes, the candidate must consult with the appropriate School regarding the proposed programme of study, and must ascertain whether or not the School would be prepared to recommend his/her application to Academic Council. Please click on the following link for information on - How to Apply

For further information, please see our Graduate Studies page.

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