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School of Physical Sciences

Postgraduate Programmes

Research Opportunities

Dr. Lampros Nikolopoulos is the research convenor in the School of Physical Sciences and please contact him at lampros.nikolopoulos@dcu.ie for further information.

Download school research profile (PDF, 334kb)

Please contact the relevant member of Academic Staff if you wish to apply for a Postgraduate/Research position from the list of Research/postgrad Opportunities.

Research AreaAcademics
Biomedical Diagnostics/Microfluidic Platforms Prof Jens Ducrée
Semiconductor Physics Dr. Enda McGlynn
Prof. Martin Henry
Surface Physics Prof. Greg. Hughes
Dr. Tony. Cafolla
Dr. Eilish McLoughlin
Intense Laser Matter Interactions Prof John Costello
Dr. Paul van Kampen
Dr. Jean Paul Mosnier
Dr Lampros Nikolopoulos
Pulsed Laser Deposition Dr. Jean Paul Mosnier
Plasma Physics Prof. Miles Turner
Dr. Bert Ellingboe
Dr. Paul Swift
Optical Sensors Prof. Colette McDonagh
Prof. Brian MacCraith
Astronomy and Astrophysics Dr Masha Chernyakova
Physics Education Dr. Paul van Kampen
Dr. Eilish McLoughlin