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Office of the Vice-President Academic Affairs

Academic Governance & Regulations


This team consists of three people: Ms Margaret Irwin-Bannon, Ms Valerie Cooke and Ms Gráinne Curran.

The team’s responsibilities include management of the following:

  • the business of Academic Council and of its three main subcommittees: Education Committee, University Standards Committee and Graduate Research Studies Board
  • the approval process, at University level, with respect to new programmes of study and adaptations of existing programmes
  • the examination appeals process
  • the disciplinary appeals process
  • the appointment process, database and online reporting system with respect to external examiners for taught programmes
  • the maintenance of the database of Programme Chairs
  • the maintenance of the University Schedule of Meetings.

The team also works closely with the Deputy Registrar/Dean of Teaching and Learning and the Dean of Graduate Studies, and works with colleagues in the Registry in relation to some specific aspects of Registry work. 

The Assistant Registrar also provides University representation on a range of committees in the University’s linked colleges.