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National Institute for Digital Learning


The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) consists of over 20 core academic and administrative staff along with over 25 affliated faculty staff, and is organisationally structured around three interwoven strands:

Open Education Unit

Teaching Enhancement Unit

Digital Learning Research Network

The Open Education Unit under the leadership of Seamus Fox supports academic and operational excellence in the design, development and implementation of modules and programmes available to students studying through flexible and online learning delivery modes. It also plays a key role in the evaluation and quality enhancement of related academic programmes and student support services. The Unit is committed to supporting new models of open and online learning and promoting access and development wherever people live throughout the world. 

The Teaching Enhancement Unit under the leadership of Dr Mark Glynn offers strategically targeted teaching development services that promote academic excellence in the effective use of digital, blended and online learning for students studying both on-campus and off-campus. It also supports a range of core teaching enhancement services and provides leadership in the management and sustainable development of DCU’s 21st Century Digital Campus. The Unit is known as a hub of expertise in supporting digital, blended and online learning both nationally and internationally, as evidenced by the leading role it plays in the annual UK/Ireland Moodle Moot. 

The Digital Learning Research Network under the leadership of Professor Mark Brown and Dr Eamon Costello fosters a network of leaders and strong communities of practice at the forefront of research in teaching and learning. In addition, it aims to strategically engage with professional bodies and key external stakeholders in order to influence policy and benchmark the effective use of digital and online learning against international best practices. The Research Network brings together a unquie mix of over 50 NIDL and faculty staff who offer a wealth of expertise and experience across a wide range of disciplines. The activities of the research network are also guided by the support of our International Advisory Board


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