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Clean water is essential for life and countless economic activities, including food production, energy generation and industrial operations. DCU is one of the leading Irish universities in the area of water quality and sustainability, building upon DCU’s core expertise in analytical chemistry, biotechnology and multi-disciplinary sensor technology development. DCU has extensive experience in the development of robust and reliable monitoring systems, which are deployed in the field for rigorous testing. This approach results in validated systems, which together with integrated data management and communication systems, provide rich environmental information over extended periods of time. DCU has longstanding research relationships with the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Marine Institute, SMARTBAY Ireland and The QUESTOR Centre.
For more information visit: http://www.mestech.org/

CMAS: Portable Water Analysis System for Invent DCU websiteCMAS: Portable Water Analysis System
A portable analysis system for use in the field, based upon centrifugal microfluidic technology to perform colorimetric analysis of samples, such as analysis of pH and nutrients in water. The analysis requires small sample quantity and utilises disposable CD discs which are pre-loaded with the test reagents. The device is fully integrated with wireless connectivity to a phone or tablet.

Optical Probe
A handheld optical probe for the detection of chemical and bio-chemical analytes. The design of the probe enables highly efficient capture of luminescence resulting in improvements in detection performance of one to two orders of magnitude compared with conventional optical fibre-base sensor probes. The optical probe has been successfully demonstrated for the detection of dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide and in-breath oxygen analysis and is suitable for use in a range of applications including: breath analysis, environmental, bioprocess and industrial process monitoring.
This technology is available via the DCU Licence Express Scheme.

Case Study
Aquamonitrix™  - Innovation through Collaboration
Aquamonitrix Case for Invent DCU wesbite
Aquamonitrix logo for Invent DCU websiteAquamonitrix™ is a portable, field deployable device with applications in monitoring surface water and industrial waste water. Collaboration with DCU via the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership programme enabled TE Laboratories to access innovative microfluidic technology and expand their business from lab based testing into the autonomous sensing market. Aquamonitrix™ measures pH, nitrate and nitrite simultaneously in real-time, with wireless remote monitoring.