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Human Resources


Other Schemes and Initiatives

Cycle to Work Scheme
DCU is now a participating employer in the Government tax incentive Cycle to Work Scheme, which aims to
encourage more employees to cycle to work. Effective from 1 January 2009 the scheme is designed to facilitate
employees’ purchase a bicycle and/or associated cycle equipment tax-free. 

Taxsaver Travel Pass Scheme
This is arranged on an annual basis by Training and Development, Human Resources and tickets may be obtained for
bus, luas and train.  The employee receives tax relief on the cost of the annual ticket, and deductions are made for the
cost of the ticket through payroll.

Moving on from the University
As a staff member your contract of emoployment may be coming to an end.  The university in appreciating this time of transtiion would like to highlight and recommend the supports available to you.

DCU Superannuation (Pension) Scheme
DCU operates a superannuation scheme for DCU staff members, membership of which is a condition of employment. Benefits accrue on the basis of 1/80th for each year of service in respect of pension and 3/80th in respect of each year of service in respect of the tax-free gratuity. Information on how you may maximise your pension benefits is available from HR.

Group Life Plan
The DCU Group Life Plan enables staff to increase their death in service cover (provided under the DCU Superannuation
Scheme) by providing a supplementary benefit of twice salary. This will give an overall payment of between three and
three and a half times salary.

Retirement Planning Seminar
DCU HR also provides a a Retirement Planning Seminar for DCU staff members who are due to retire. This seminar
facilitates the preparation, by the staff member, of their upcoming change in circumstances and life stage.