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Human Resources


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Sick Pay



After how many days out sick is a medical cert required?



Staff need a certificate for absences in excess of two days, i.e. on the third day of continuous absence a medical certificate is required.



How many days uncertified sick leave can be taken in a year?



From the 1st November 2012, a maximum of 7 days uncertified sick leave days is permitted in the period 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2013.From the 1st January 2014 onwards, a maximum of 7 days uncertified sick leave is permitted over a twenty four month period counting backwards from the latest absence.



When I am on sick leave in excess of 3 days what do I need to do to ensure I receive the correct sick pay from the university?



If you are an A1 PRSI rate and on sick leave in excess of 3 days you must submit a copy of "Disability Benefit - Your weekly rate - IB8 Form" to the Payroll Office, DCU. The IB8 Form is given to you by the Department of Social Protection when your disability/illness claim has been sanctioned. Without the IP8 form, sick pay from the University may be delayed.