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Estates Office

Car Parking at DCU

Parking details for each DCU Campus can be viewed using the tabs below.

DCU Glasnevin Campus


There are four main car parking facilities (CP1 - 4 as shown in the map below) available on the DCU campus for staff, students and visitors to the University. These car parks provide just under 1400 spaces for in excess of 14,000 campus users. In addition there are some designated car parking facilities for the DCU Sports Complex, DCU Residences and overflow/bus parking. The management of the car parking facilities is designed to facilitate the maximum number of DCU staff and students who need to commute on a daily basis to DCU. Parking is allowed in car parks only. No Overnight Parking is permitted without prior authorisation. Clamping is in operation throughout the campus.

 Car Park 1 to 4 on Campus Map

Car Park Spaces


More Parking Information


Campus Parking Regulations

The following regulations have been introduced in the interest of safety and security, and also to facilitate the work of the grounds and maintenance staff:

  • Parking is allowed in designated car parks only.  Parking is not allowed on all University roadways, set down or pedestrian area.  All cars should be parked in designated car spaces only.
  • No Overnight parking is permitted without prior authorisation.
  • The parking spaces reserved for those with a disability should not be used by others. Cars used by those with a disability must display the internationally approved permit and it must also be in date. The owner of the permit must be the designated driver or be accompanied by a designated driver.
  • The speed limit throughout the campus is strictly enforced at 30kph.  The following sanctions will be imposed for breaches of the speed limit:
    • First offence - €80.00 fine.
    • Second offence - €190.00 fine.
    • Third offence - Permanent withdrawal of a right to bring a motorised vehicle onto campus, these sanctions also apply to clamping offences.
  • CLAMPING The following are the sanctions for illegal parking of cars:
    • First offence - That the car be clamped using an ouside contractor with the cost of removal being set at €80 for a first offence.
    • Second offence -That the car be clamped with a removal charge of €190.50.
    • Third offence - Withdrawal for one year of the right to bring a motorised vehichle on to the campus..
    • Fourth offence - Pemanent withdrawal of right to bring a mototorised vehicle onto the campus.
    • A Clamping Panel has now been set up and all appeals should be sent to clamping@dcu.ie.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles must park in designated parking zones.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles that are illegally parked, including those locked to trees, railing, campus signposts or lamp standards, will either be double locked or removed at the owner's risk. The University will not be liable for damage to locks resulting from such removal, and reserves the right to impose a fine for such infringements of the parking regulations.
  • Motorbikes and bicycles which are 'illegally' parked may have a chain and a padlock attached to the wheel.
  • A charge will be made at the time of removal to cover administrative expenses for this operation.

Where to Park

 Where to Park


Staff and Student Parking

Staff and students can avail of 4 car parks in DCU which are managed and run by the Estates Office.

  1. Car Park 1 (Multistorey)
  2. Car Park 2 (Créche)
  3. Car Park 3 (Invent)
  4. Car Park 4 (Library)

(Campus Residents Car Park- see section on this car park)
(HLC patrons Car Park, please contact HLC reception 700 7171)

N.B. The Estates Office does not manage the Sports Complex car park. 

Please contact Sports Complex reception for further information.


Sports Complex Car Park: 7005797 

All other Car Parks: helpdesk.estates@dcu.ie or phone 01-700 5142

Visitors to DCU and The Helix

All visitors (including parental drop off's/collections)  should use Car Park 1 ( multistorey) only. Please do not park in the set down only area across from main DCU Reception as this causes serious congestion and you may be clamped or fined.  (See section on invited guests).

Patrons of the Helix must also use this car park. The first 30 minutes are free.


Car Park 1 - Multistorey

DCU White Ticket

The current Car & Motorbike parking rates are as follows:

  • First 30 mins - Free
  • 30mins – 1hr €1.00
  • 1hr – 2hr €2.00
  • 2hr – 3hr €3.00
  • 3hr – 5hr €4.00
  • 5hr – 12hr €8.00
  • 12hr – 18hr €10.00
  • 18hr - 24 hr €12.00
  • Staff / Student ticket €7 ( See 6 use tickets )
  • Lost ticket - €12.00
  • 72 hrs+ (without prior arrangement in writing with the Estates Office Helpdesk) €100.00

Payment is not accepted at the exit and must be made before returning to your car.  There are 4 pay stations.  Two are located in the car park lobby which is located opposite the Helix and The Estates Office.  There is a pay station for persons of limited mobility (as well as the general public) located in the car park basement (level 0).  This can be accessed by entering the lift and pressing "0".  The tunnel to the Helix can also be accessed this way.  A total of 23 spaces are available for disabled users through this car park.

Currently but subject to change Credit Card payments must be paid at the car park office located at the exit.  There is also a pay station located at the exit.  

Do not drive to this pay station or to the car park office as there is no set down area and vehicles will block the exit lanes.

Patrons of the Helix can purchase a green exit ticket from the Helix confectionary shop for €4.

Overnight parking is NOT allowed without prior authorisation.

OVERNIGHT Car Parking at DCU will be permitted in extenuating circumstances such as being off site on Univeristy Business.   Overnight Car  Parking willl only be permitted in Car Park 1 (multi-storey) with prior authorisation.  To apply for authorisation please send the following information to  helpdesk.estates@dcu.ie in advance of parking your car.

Full Name and Unit/Department:

Dates Overnight parking required:

Extenuating circumstances:

Car make/model and registration number:


Multi-entry Tickets

Multi Entry Ticket

6 use tickets are available to DCU staff and students only on production of their staff/student cards.

This ticket allows the user to park in the multistorey only.
This  pink ticket allows the user to park in the multistorey only.

This pink ticket is valid for 90 days.  The validity dates are also printed at the top of the ticket. 

It allows the user to enter and exit the car park 6 times during the validity dates only.
One entry and one exit equals one use.
The ticket will not let the user exit the car park if the validity time and date has expired
If the user is not in possession of a 6 use ticket at the entry, the white ticket should be pressed  to gain entry. This white ticket can be swapped for a 6 pass ticket at any time afterwards.
Out of date tickets will also allow entry but these too must be exchanged for a new 6 use ticket to exit or else a fee will be displayed at the exit terminal. Users can if they wish pay this fee instead.


Invited Guests

Single Exit Only ticket

Guests of the University can pre-purchase pink 6 use tickets or green 1 exit tickets for Car Park 1 (multi-storey) only.  Requests on behalf of guests should be made by e-mail only to rory.odonoghue@dcu.ie and not to the Estates Office. The e-mail should include a purchase order number, quantity and type of ticket required. The purchase order amount must exceed €50.  Purchase orders with an amount lower that €50 will not be accepted.  For amounts lower than €50 cash or credit card payments will be accepted provided an order has been requested by email.  Personal callers will not be sold tickets.  At the end of every calendar month finance will invoice for the amount due. These tickets are issued at the discretion of the Estates Office.
For Agresso users the campus company required is Dublin Software Park. 6 pass tickets are €7 and 1 exit tickets are €3. Both prices include vat.


Car Parks 2, 3 & 4

Car Parks 2, 3 and 4 are free. Your staff or student card only will automatically let you access these car parks.
There is no need to contact the Estates Office or the car park office to get a card activated.
Damaged staff/student cards are replaced by HR/The Registry and not at the car park office.
To enter  these car parks put your card in the slot provided with the photo first in and facing up.
Handy Tip: On occasion cards inserted correctly can read faulty. Users should clean the black strip and re-enter the card. If this fails to work please contact the Car Park Office  in Car Park 1 (multi-storey).
Vehicle access to car park 2 is via the Collins Ave entrance only.
Vehicle access to car park 3 and 4 is via the Ballymun entrance only.
There is no access through the barrier at the Albert College.
Vehicles must park within the white markings only. Vehicles parked outside of the white markings may be clamped. During semesters these car parks can be full before 9am, waiting at the entrances is not allowed.
This is especially so in car park 2 as the créche is located here and parents will need access even if the car park is full.
When full, intending users should park in Car Park 1 (multi-storey).
Overnight parking is strictly not allowed in either of these car parks. There are two disabled spaces in car park 2 and 6 in car park 4.



Overflow Car Park

This car park is for emergency use only and can only be opened by the Security Team when deemed necessary.  Please note if you are using this car park or the set down area you must use the "Pay By Text System" rates and terms are posted on signage within these car parks.  Please note this service is provided by an External Company all queries related to this should be directed to the Company and not Dublin City University.  Users who open the car park themselves will  be clamped.  The set down area opposite the main reception is not part of this car park.  Waiting in the set down area for the overflow to open is "NOT" allowed.  On ocassion buses for the Helix or other events on campus are parked in the overflow car park.  Car users are requested not to park in such a way as to block their entry or exit.  When all car parks are full all vehicles should park off campus.


Campus Residence Car Park

This car park can only be accessed by students who have paid to park here during semester times only.
These students are required to display a permit.  Non permit holders will be clamped.
Visitors or contractors who require access through this car park must contact the car park office at  ext  700 8990.
Do NOT contact campus residence or sports complex reception.
Students who wish to avail of parking in this car park should read the terms and  conditions of using this car park.


Residence Parking 2016_2017

Campus Residence Car Parking Ballot

DCU St Patrick's Campus


Pedestrian traffic to and from the main College buildings and in particular from D Block to F2 and F3 is dependent on no parking in the immediate vicinity of these buildings.

The College has limited parking capacity and does not guarantee that car parking spaces are available for all vehicles.

The College does not accept liability for any loss from or damage to vehicles using the campus, however arising. Vehicles parked on campus do so entirely at their own risk.

It is the responsibility of the car park user to be fully aware of the parking rules and regulations as indicated on the signs throughout the campus.

In the interest of maintaining a safe campus environment, Clamping of vehicles is in operation. Appropriate signage is in place.

Campus Construction

During the course of the next phase of construction, the North entrance gate will be used solely for construction traffic and emergency services access and will be closed to all other campus users. However, there will be a designated walkway available for use in the event of an evacuation from the E-Block. The road will be closed from the North entrance gate to the West end of the E-Block. Construction traffic must use the North entrance gate, adjacent to the Library, in order to mitigate the risks associated with heavy machinery moving around the campus.

From September 2015, there will also be a change to the current road system around the Halls of Residence. Only ‘Pay & Display’, Drumcondra Education Centre and Incorporation Staff will take the first left at Bangor as there will be no through road behind the Halls of Residence. The barriers, located at Glendalough and Lismore will be operational and will only open on presentation of a specific swipe card/key fob. On entering the Campus, staff will now proceed straight towards the Sports Halls and follow the road to the left at Moville Hall of Residence and either park here or follow the road around to the right and proceed towards the Dining Room.

Staff parking will remain available at the reception car park, in the vicinity of Moville and the ERC, and behind the Dining Room. There will be designated spaces for ERC staff and Bus/Coach Parking at the ERC. There will be designated student parking in the vicinity of Clonmacnoise and Lismore only and they will be denoted by Red Lines.

If you have any queries in relation to the new road and parking layout, please do not hesitate to contact the Health and Safety Officer at sean.lehane@spd.dcu.ie.


Staff Parking

College staff can park in any of the designated parking spaces on campus. A Parking Permit is required but does not guarantee a parking space.

Download DCU SPC Staff Parking Permit Application Form


Student Parking

A limited number of student permits will be issued.  These will be issued on a lottery basis.  To enter the lottery please download and complete the form below and return it to the main reception on the St. Patrick's Campus before Friday 23rd September 2016.  Following the draw, successful applicants will be emailed and can collect their permits from the main reception on St. Patrick's Campus.  NOTE: Students will only be permitted to park in designated student parking in the car park around the Halls of Residence, clearly denoted by Red Lines.

Download DCU SPC Student Parking Permit Application Form


Visitors Parking

Short Term – Pay and Display

A number of spaces are clearly set out with appropriate signage facing Bangor Hall Residence. The Pay and Display Machine is operational from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm. The Pay and Display machine will provide a valid parking permit for up to a maximum of 3 hours in duration, at a cost of €1 per hour. The pay and display machine requires the insertion of the car registration number and the ticket issued is specific to that vehicle. The ticket machine will not permit meter feeding. Vehicles parked in the Visitors Parking Area without a valid Pay & Display Ticket will be clamped from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday.

Maintenance & Contractors

Maintenance and contractors must contact the Buildings Maintenance Officer in advance of their arrival on campus.

Gate Lodge Parking

The NIPT staff, located in the Gate Lodge, have no direct parking at the Gate Lodge and so must apply for a Staff Parking Permit to park on campus. The NIPT Staff are then subject to the same parking regulations as detailed in this Policy.

Belvedere House

Parking in the vicinity of Belvedere House is restricted solely to Belvedere House Permit holders and designated temporary visitors. Vehicle registration details in relation to such users should be supplied in advance to the President's Office. Designated temporary visitors include external members of the College Governing Body, other College Committees, and official visitors to Belvedere House. Students may not park in this area. Vehicles parked at Belvedere House without a valid in-date Belvedere House Parking Permit will be clamped.

Disabled Parking

Vehicles displaying a recognised Disabled Drivers Permit may park their vehicles in any designated space in the car parks.


Parking Permits

A Parking Permit system is in operation.

Download DCU SPC Staff Parking Permit Application Form

Download DCU SPC Student Parking Permit Application Form

Student parking permit application forms are also available from the Students' Union Office on 01-884 2230.

Parking permits remain the property of St Patrick's College, which reserves the right to withdraw, revoke or otherwise amend the permits, and the policy governing their issue, at its sole discretion. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to ensure a valid in-date permit is displayed at all times, while the vehicle is on campus. Vehicles which do not display a valid in-date parking permit will be clamped. A Parking Permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Parking spaces, where defined, are laid out so as to provide safe entry, exit, and circulation around the campus. Vehicles not parked in a designated area (whether displaying a permit or not) and / or causing an obstruction will be clamped. Vehicles parked in a manner which causes an obstruction to other vehicles or to emergency access routes or emergency exit doors, or parked on footpaths/grass areas/flower beds etc will be clamped. The size of a vehicle may not be suitable for some parking spaces, which may result in the vehicle being clamped. Vehicles parked on double yellow lines will be clamped.

The following areas of campus must be kept clear to facilitate access by pedestrians and emergency vehicles including Ambulance, Fire Brigade and the Gardai.

  • Belvedere House driveway and the roadway in front of the new temporary pre-fabs located on Belvedere House drive.
  • The area leading into the Boiler-house yard.
  • The area around the Waste Disposal Bin/Skip.
  • The road area in front of the Senior School and in front of Glendalough and Lismore Halls of Residence.
  • The changing rooms at Lismore and Glendalough.
  • The roadway in front of the Educational Research Centre where there are clear road markings.
  • The two Bus parking spaces in front of the Educational Research Centre.
  • Any other area of campus that may compromise Access, Security, Maintenance and or Health & Safety.

Vehicles parked in any of the designated areas set out above will be clamped.Vehicles parked overnight on campus between the hours of 11.00pm to 6.00am will be clamped. (This does not apply to the residential advisors who live on campus.)


Vehicle Clamping

Due to the large number of vehicles utilising the campus on a daily basis and the finite number of parking spaces available, it has been necessary to introduce vehicle clamping to control and manage campus parking, for the benefit of the campus community and visitors to the College. St Patrick’s College is not responsible for clamping of vehicles. Violations of the College car parking policy will result in a vehicle being clamped. The release fee for clamped vehicles is €50 payable directly to Manguard Plus Ltd. Manguard Plus Ltd is a private company operating independently of St Patrick’s College. Clamped vehicle owners have the right of appeal to Manguard Plus Ltd. Appeals in writing to Mr John Beirne, Contracts Manager, Manguard Plus Ltd, Newmount House, 22-24 Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2

The following conditions will not be regarded as sufficient grounds for a successful appeal:

  • Display of an invalid or out of date parking permit
  • Non display of a parking permit
  • Parking in an un-marked space
  • Parking in an area with ‘Set Down Only’ road markings or any other ‘prohibitive signage’
  • The unavailability of parking spaces
  • The urgent requirement to attend Lectures or Tutorials or Workshops or Seminars or other events or the performance of duties howsoever arising
  • Intended or unintended parking causing an obstruction
  • Lack of awareness or knowledge regarding parking rules or regulations

Manguard Plus Ltd is contactable by telephone at 0818 313 050


Pedestrians & Bicycle Users

 Due to the large number of pedestrians and cyclists circulating around the campus, all road users are asked to be mindful of these vulnerable road users and a 10km/hr speed limit applies to all areas of the campus. There are dedicated bicycle sheds around the campus where bicycles can be parked.

All Hallows Campus


From the 1st of September 2016, a new permit system will be implemented for the DCU All Hallows campus.


Staff wishing to park on the DCU All Hallows Campus, must have a valid parking permit for All Hallows Campus.  A permit does not guarantee a parking space and car parking will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

To get a permit, please download and complete the form below and return it to the main reception on the All Hallows Campus.  Permits can be collected from the same location.


A limited number of student permits will be issued.  These will be issued on a lottery basis.  To enter the lottery please download and complete the form below and return it to the main reception on the All Hallows Campus before Friday 23rd September 2016.  Following the draw, successful applicants will be emailed and can collect their permits from the main reception on All Hallows Campus.  NOTE: Students will only be permitted to park in designated student parking in the Purcell House Car Park.


Visitors to the campus should call to the main reception, where they will also receive a parking permit for their visit.

Cars parked without a valid permit or in an unauthorised space will be clamped.

Download DCU AHC Staff Parking Permit Application Form

 Download DCU AHC Student Parking Permit Application Form