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Counselling & Personal Development Service


Counselling and Personal Development Service


Welcome, we offer a Stepped Care Model Approach to Counselling and Personal Development and this is an outline of how it works

Step One:

On registering with our service you'll be offered 'A Personal Development Information Pack' which contains:

  • Evidence based and practical advice and tips for well-being and mental health with an accompanying resource worksheet.
  • A bibliotherapy listing with an accompanying self-help worksheet to guide your reading for psychological health and personal development skills.
  • A listing of additional supports which may be of help to you such as, academic support, financial assistance, medical service, etc.
We recommend you view these three resources and choose to engage in what bests matches your needs.

Step Two:

  • You'll be offered a one hour drop-in clinic with one of our counsellors.  This is a confidential session to discuss personal issues that are having a negative impact on you and on your work.   It offers a professional space to talk, seek advice, focus on immediate issues and put in place a short term plan including identifying possible resources.

Step Three:

  • You are invited to avail of our Student Empowerment and Life Skills programme or our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction lunctime series.  Both programmes yeild significant psychological benefits particularly, though by no means exclusively, in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression, panic and relationship difficulties.   

Step Four:

  • When space becomes available and according to urgency you are invited to one to one counselling

Step Five:

  • If required you are supported in accessing external professional services, for example, for psychiatric assessment and/or support.