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Civic Engagement Office




Higher Education and Civic Engagement: Comparative Perspectives


Higher Education and Community-Based Research - Creating a Global Vision

by Ronaldo Munck (Editor), Lorraine McIlrath (Editor), Budd Hall (Editor), Rajesh Tandon (Editor)

View Sample Chapter: Emerging Policy and Practices on Community-Based Research - Perspectives from the Island of Ireland



DCU in the Community Building on Shangan Road

The DCU in the Community Papers series addresses issues of concern to the community where a research perspective can be translated into practical action. It seeks to engage with critical thinking- from wherever it might emerge- and promote empowerment through research. The views expressed here are purely those of the authors.



DCU President's Awards for Engagement 2016
DCU President's Awards for Engagment 2016

Download PDF: https://www4.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/community/pdfs/Publication_Presidents_Awards_2016.pdf

Webpage: https://www.dcu.ie/community/presidents-awards-for-engagement-2016.shtml

Ballymun Road, Dublin, buildings, traffic, cars
Capturing the Economic and Social Value of Higher Education:  A Pilot Study of Dublin City University 

This report presents some of the key results arising from a pilot study of Dublin City University aimed at measuring the social and economic impact of the university.

If you would like  to receive a hardcopy of this report please send an email with your address to Natalja.Matease@dcu.ie